Registry Information for Allied Freighter 1

Club Name:  Svenska Sjöslagssällskapet
Last update:990526
Allegiance: Allied
Ship Class: Liberty Class Freighter
Ship type: Freighter
Ship Name: SS Ocean Freedom
Serial Number: NC970005 (aka SSS9701)
Construction Date: 9704..
Operational Status: 85%
Ship under construction
Motor and rudderservo in place.
Ship under construction
Hull half-skinned and resin-reinforced.
Ship under construction
Deck details beeing manufactured
Decks fitted to capdeck/railings, hull ready for balsa-sheeting.
Ship under construction
Superstructure beeing manufactured.
1998-05-10 Decks ready, Superstructure painted, undergoing sea-trials.
Close-up of superstructure
980813: Awaiting pump installation and internal shields.
Superstructure Libertyship 166K Railing and stairs
Superstructure Libertyship 151K Guntubs and Ventilators
Superstucture closeup Libertyship 163K Closeup of bridge
Midships Liberty ship 185K Midships
Liberty ship 57K Liberty Ship
Construction method: 1/4" Baseboard
1/4" ribs at 3"
Icecream-stick capdeck.
3 mm Plywood decks
1.5 mm balsa sheeting
Skippy-jar radio box.
Plenty of epoxi-glue :-)
Glassfiber and resin reinforced below 1" under Waterline
Cernit clay lifeboats and ventilators.
Campaigns served or Battle Stars: 0
# of sinks: 0
# of times sunk: 0
Armament type, number, location and function: None (intended for my kids (and something for me to shoot at :-) ).
# of previous owners, if known: none
Owners Name: Per Hamrin, Västerås
Owners e-mail (if any):

Additional Information:   Liberty ship plans from George Goff.
This ship is sailing under the Red Ensign. It is the sistership of Ocean Liberty which gave the shipclass it's name.
Ocean Freedom partook in the convoy PQ17 and survived.