Registry Information for DKM Prinz Eugen

Club Name:  Svenska Sjöslagssällskapet
Allegiance: Axis
Ship Class: Prinz Eugen Class
Ship type: Heavy Cruiser
Ship Name: Prinz Eugen
Serial Number: NCxxxxxx (aka SSS9703)
Construction Date: 9706..
Operational Status: 35%: Ribs covered with 0.40mm Plywood. Fiberglass attached to ply pending resin. Gun and other hardware acquired.
Construction method: Fiberglass over .4mm plywood, 1.5 mm plywood decks, foam superstructure.
Campaigns served or Battle Stars: 0
# of sinks: 0
# of times sunk: 0
Armament type, number, location and function: 2 double 3/16", from BDE fore/aft.
# of previous owners, if known: none
Owners Name: Per Hamrin, Västerås
Owners e-mail (if any):

Additional Information:   Plans from George Goff.