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Svenska Sjöslagssällskapet
(Swedish Seabattle Club)

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2002-04-07 Added (at last) a page with some pictures from the builders meet in November 2001.
1999-05-26 Added pictures of construction of Libertyship and Prinz Eugen linked from the registry page.
Added a sitemap so you easily can check if you missed something.
1998-09-21 Added page with pictures from the construction of Admiral Scheer; modifying a Swampworks Lützow kit to have an atlantic bow.
1998-08-13 Updated information in ships registry. Separated our collection of links to a special links page. Updated changed links.
1998-06-16 Added an report from the seatrials of our first Libertyship.
Updated links section.
1998-05-28 Added an article on how to make your own railings.. (Bi-lingual :-)
Updated links section.
1998-05-20 Added an introduction to R/C Combat. (Sorry, Swedish only :-( ).
1998-05-05 Updated and added links (including HMS Belfast).
1998-03-05 Added picture to Axis Freighter registry information
1998-02-05 Updated and added links. New information on Swedish warships beeing collected.
1998-01-27 Updated information on members and ships.
1998-01-08 Added pictures to Axis Freighter registry information
1997-12-08 Revised links section and added links to other places of interest.
Added links to Battle Stations, Project Liberty Ship, and The Bay Area Battle Group
1997-11-18 Added What's New page.
Added link to Sean's Midwest Battle Group Website

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